Trev the Potter

My name is Trevor and I have always liked to make things. I suppose this harks back to a childhood of plasticine animals and air fix models. I have a restless artistic energy too explore and create.

For many years I have worked in retail as a window dresser and my art school ceramic training put me in good stead to work for London’s top retailers. Window dressing is a bit like making sculpture; you choose the most luxurious things and you arrange them to look at their most magical. However the most rewarding part to retail is to inspire and motivate others to be creative at window dressing and selling.

“Teaching others to be creative can be the most rewarding of experiences. Anyone can be creative; you just need to know the right key to open the door to a whole new world. For me to be human is to be creative, the two are always hand in hand.”

Pottery classes in Hertfordshire
Make your own pottery in Ware Hertfordshire

In recent years I have felt the need to go back to my first love, which I found very early during my school days and then through to art school. Some years ago my husband and I moved from London to Hertfordshire to make our new home. We came upon The Old George, a former pub and Tudor coaching inn. It’s been our passion to lovingly restore and add more vigour back into this beautiful old house.

The Old George Studio looks out over our private garden. The nature in my garden and the surrounding Hertfordshire countryside inspires my work. Swifts seem to be a real inspiration at the moment. They sometimes nest in the roof of our house. With all this inspiration, I like to make things that are useful and that can be used in the home.

Pottery classes for beginners in East Hertfordshire
Pottery by Trevor Allen

Trevor is the best teacher you could possibly have. He is dedicated, even beginners do not feel stupid even though he is much more talented than most of us will ever be. He is kind, funny, explains stuff in a superb positive atmosphere and the results look extremely professional. If you ever consider doing your own pottery, Trevor Allen is the one to go to and learn from!
Christoph Verve