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It is New Year’s Eve, and as usual I am the first one up. Simon, my god daughters, and their parents are all fast asleep upstairs. I am just pre-programed to wake early. I sit here in my kitchen thinking well it is New Year’s Eve, what another roller coaster of a year it has been. I am feeling reflective today. I think the reason for this could be that I allowed myself a break. A whole week off……such luxury! A whole week of feasting and celebrating with my nearest and dearest. It is also giving me time to think and consider what is best for the Trevor and Simon show.

I moved on from my teaching post at my local college. I realised I was trying too hard to do so many things at once and in the process felt like I was achieving nothing. Running my own studio, giving classes for people and making pottery to sell, then teaching at the college in the evenings. I got so cream crackered by November, and then the gallop towards Christmas with all the craft markets that I had signed up for had only just started.  I Then realised I had sold more in pots than what I was earning at the college, so I have decided to concentrate on my own pottery studio. I hope my gut feeling is right. I really do want this all to work.

I had some good news yesterday; I have been accepted to take part in my first big pottery show at Potfest Melton Mowbray. It is not until November, but I really do need to get some new good stock together. I look forward to taking part and hopefully it is the first of many more pottery opportunities.

For me New Year is such a positive time. As one year closes another begins. It is a time to put right what was wrong last year. It is a time to reflect on being a better version of oneself, setting new challenges and goals. It is also for me a time when I welcome back the light. I like knowing the days are getting longer and warmer more sunny times to come. I reflect……New Year New You. What is your sanctuary or sanity? What gives you the most joy?

For me it is going to have to be another year of pottery and welcoming people into my studio giving pottery lessons and experiences to remember. I will try to do the following for the next year.

  • Be a kinder loving husband
  • Remember birthdays
  • Do my paperwork on time and be more organised!
  • Sort the jungle that is called a garden
  • Finish DIY projects for my long-suffering husband’s sanity
  • Remember to pick up my socks and pants off the bedroom floor.

Happy New Year

Trev the potter