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Last week was a busy week at the old George. I had my first pottery market stall, as I was taking part in the Puckeridge and Standon walking market. Hopefully its going to be the first of many. It was a fun thing to do. Simon and I put together our stall under the arch in case it rained. Murphy’s law proves that as we took such measures the sun shone down on us. It was a beautiful day. We also opened up the studio and garden too. We kept everything as safe as possible, opening all the doors to the studio creating a round route in out and around the garden.

I sold not only my pots, but my hens eggs too, and many jars of jam and chutney. My wonky marmalade and tomato chili jam sold through the best. In terms of pots it was such a mixed bag. I was hoping that this would be a good exercise to give me a clearer direction on what to make in the future. I sold many pots, but I’m still confused about what I should focus on. The good thing was that when I laid out all my work it looked harmonious and made sense. They were all well received too. Some of my pots are now being useful to their new owners, which brings brings me joy.

I also made many new acquaintances and reconnected with old friends. Covid has been hard on all of us. Many people noticed and commented how in respect to lock-down I took down my signage and closed my little enterprise, which the sight off saddened few people, but people did say how nice it was to see my all my signs back up and i am open again, and that it’s nice to see some sense of normality in the village. It was the first time I had given any thought to my little business on the village high street and how it added to a sense of community, and that there is reassurance in seeing continuity all around us.

The whole event proved successful I have many more inquiries regarding my pottery lessons, after-school clubs and pots for sale. On-wards and upwards!!!

By the Way Margret says goodbye too. She lays the most massive tasty eggs. she is named after her name sake Margret Thatcher, she is quite a bit of an iron lady herself!!!