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This summer has been the most unusual as my studio is still closed due to Covid 19. I have been potting along all on my lonesome. Although quite it has been a rewarding time and I have made many beautiful things which I hope to sell soon at the Puckeridge and Standon walking market. Fingers crossed.

I did take a week off and joined my god daughters for a short sojourn to the Kent coast. It was most relaxing, lots of TLC, just what I needed. Then my lovely girls joined me and uncle Simon for a weeks stay-cation at The Old George. This weeks blog is written by the whipper snappers themselves. They are a constant source of amusement and inspiration and my most forgiving critics, and although only 12 they are my tech support!!!

Hello my name is Sophie and I am staying at The Old George. This week I am contributing to The Old George Studio’s blog. I already help uncle Trevor with his phone and electronics so why not!

I am uncle Trevor and Uncle Simon’s goddaughter (as-well as my twin sister Charlotte) so we have been here before. Their house is amazing and their garden is BEAUTIFUL. They have done an amazing job since they have been here (4 years) though the house is 500 years old. I have made lots of pots, flower pots and lovely dishes as well as things on the potters wheel. I always look forward to coming here because it is my FAVORITE place in the whole wide world. Uncle Trevor is an amazing teacher and is very patient with me because sometimes I get stuff wrong. At our house in London our kitchen and living room is filled with stunning pots that we have made and uncle Trevor has made for us on special occasions. I have seen his blog and the prices of these lessons and for what they are these are the greatest bargain you will EVER find!

Uncle Trevor has the best car, a Nissan micra, which we call the granny wagon. When it goes slow it feels like it is going very fast and he is a great driver so keeps pots safe when he delivers them. When we listen to music I turn it up very loud, he doesn’t turn it down, he turns it up even louder! Then opens the windows and fills the countryside with our music.

Uncle Simon and Uncle Trevor are the best god fathers in the world, uncle Trevor is the best potter and uncle Simon works REALLY hard doing his job seeing as he’s been working throughout quarantine. Uncle Simon knows all about history of his house and he studied art history at university. They are both great cooks and bakers and they make yummmmmy food. Uncle Simon is very clever and he answers all the questions on university challenge and he makes us listen to radio 4 and he introduces me to new comedians like Catherine Tate, one of the best alive. We also watch modern family together which we loveee. I always love staying here and I am very sad when I leave.

My name is Charlotte and I am Trevor’s goddaughter and Sophie’s twin sister. Uncle Trevor and Uncle Simon are amazing at everything they do, especially helping to raise meeeeee and my sister. Uncle Trevor works so hard in his studio everyday to teach kids and adults his favorite thing.  In Uncle Trevor’s studio I’ve made loads of things like cereal bowls, vases, fruit bowls, Christmas decorations etc. He’s taught me how to knit, use a sewing machine, how to cook, and is teaching me to crochet and we are all digging a pond at the moment for wildlife. He shares our artwork with everyone. If you walk into his studio, on the right you will see Sophie’s pictures she made for him and at the back a big wooden sign I made for his studio. We had our birthday party here with our best friends, Maia and Iona, who are also twins!

We help Uncle Trevor with his business and think about what he should start making. Uncle Trevor inspired my creativity in fashion as he used to be a window dresser and dressed mannequins in big shops in London. He has been teaching me how to make different things on the sewing machine and I have been wanting to be a fashion designer for years. Today Uncle Trevor is helping me and my sister to do tie dye on some new shirts and we are going to cut them up and make different clothes out of them. Tomorrow he is helping us make some masks for going to the shops.

Uncle Simon works very hard and is very creative. He went to art school and did art history! He slaves away all day for us to make sure we have fun which is very very kind. He has also been helping to dig the pond in the garden, which he is really excited about because he loves animals. Uncle Simon and Uncle Trevor are my best friends and they have been since the day I was born. They are the funniest people I know and I’m so lucky to have two mummies and two uncle-daddies. My favorite things about staying with them are playing in the garden, cooking with Uncle Trevor, sewing things, doing pottery and watching movies with Uncle Simon.

The Old George