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Normally referred to as Mum, Nana Silva, Nanny Mayo, dynamo daughter, nipple twisting Sister, mad Auntie, cousin Silv, and electrician’s wife.

They say apples don’t fall far from trees. If that’s the case then my mum is of the Frank Spencer variety, just like me she has the ability to make a dramatic entrance without meaning to. My mother can jump over mountains, but manages to skid on the banana skin. Then laughs her head off like a crazed Hyena!

This weeks blogette is in honour of my fabulously crazy mother. I have inherited many of her eccentric ways, but I have been gifted with her amazing talents was well. Being terribly dyslexic you wonder how she has managed to achieve so many things in her life thus far. However her dyslexia is her greatest attribute. she comes out with some of the best one-liners that leave me in stitches. She is an amazing cook, and can make soup out of dishwater! She fixes everything, dose the decorating, and is very good at hanging wallpaper. She is green fingered too, and keeps the most wonderful garden. Just don’t ask her to help write a novel or read the instructions for a domestic appliance. I shall never forget the day my mum tried to read aloud the instructions on how to operate her new Murphy Richards iron in Italian. It was so so funny.

Generally she is quite a force of nature and will roll her sleeves up and have a go at anything. Just be prepared for the odd calamity (hence the Frank Spencer Reference) and a lot of noise and chit chat along the way.

Everything she touches turns to gold. In fact she has a heart of pure gold, and enough halo to blind Mother Teresa.

As Children our mum made sure all us 3 boys could do practical things, like sew, knit, cook, fix stuff, gardening, what ever we lacked financially she made up for with her infectious resourcefulness, adding sparkle to our everyday. She made sure that all of us had the building blocks not to just stand on our own two feet, but to grow wings , big enough to sore through life like a majestic eagle. To Swoop through the lows, and glide and ride the thermals of lifes great highs.

So, to you mum….. I salute you for being the most beautiful person, and thank you for teaching me all that I know.