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This post was written last week, alas, I have been too busy preparing my garden for the village open gardens (which is due in the summer). I’m in garden when the weather is fair, and working in the studio to miss the showers, and generally avoiding all the other things I should be doing.

I was informed by Simon that Sunday 1st March is the meteorological first day of spring. To be honest once the rain had passed the sun came out it did seem like someone had turned up the light switch at last! It has rained so much lately, I had almost forgotten what it feels like to have the sun on my face, sitting in the garden whilst having a cuppa, taking in the daffodils that have recently popped up. I do love a spring bulb, I find they are full of hope for warmer, more jollier times to ahead.

It feels like its been a long winter and I am so much looking forward to the summer. For a number of reasons. I have booked a holiday to Greece at the end of June. A weeks rest I am really looking forward to. Also we have been accepted for the village open gardens. In early June The Old George will open its doors to the public. We will be supporting the local church fund by opening the garden and the pottery studio. I have roped my god daughters in to help serve tea and cakes, and we may even sell a few of our hens eggs as well. As our house is one of the last to visit, so it seems only fair to offer a cuppa and a slice of my aunt Sarah Lee. Simon hopes to dazzle our guests with an arrangement of garden furniture, strategically placed to take in the views of the garden and house. This includes his Christmas present from me, which is a big white hammock….. He better not lay around in it too long!!!!!

Lastly I have signed up to take part in 2 local craft markets, and I am already panicking……. I haven’t made any work yet! I’ve been too busy clearing the rubble from the garden, after I pulled down some old sheds. Saturday night I dream’t that I was trying to glaze my work, but I had holes in my buckets, this then lead on to me making a right mess of my work and studio – Glaze everywhere!!!! Then at the end of my dream I had what Simon Commonly refers to as one of my Frank Spencer moments…….I am sure you can envisage the rest…. I woke early badly needing the loo!

Sunday Morning I confessed to Simon my fears, being the logical head of our partnership has set too with a massive to do list, and is working on some rather impressive spreadsheet documentation thing. Lets see if his process plan will come together. However there is a bit to be said for small bite sized chucks and careful planning.

Regardless of all this it was such a joy to sit in the garden and start putting our plans together, drinking tea and eating chocolate biscuits in the sunshine.