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This is a picture of my lovely husband Simon. He is a very caring, patient and generous man. Well I guess he would have to be , as he has had to put up with me and my chaos. I met him 22 years ago at a dinner party.

A few years ago I got quite Poorly with a number of things not life threatening, but life changing. the worst complaint was my back , it was quite debilitating. I had a herniated slipped disk, and sciatica in both my legs and could not walk properly. It was made better with surgery. I also had pain in my tummy, and then had to have a double hernia operation. lastly and the easy one to fix, I had carpal tunnel syndrome in both my hands. It all made me feel so sad. You see, I’m one of life’s doers and makers. Then I could not do, and then I definitely couldn’t make…. while even sitting!!! For me to make, is like breathing. Its the first thing I think about in the morning, and the last thing at night. Its my daily mantra to eat, make, give, pray and feed my soul. It probably all sounds quite daft to you, but I really for the first time in my life lost my mojo.

I am so grateful I am married to Simon. You see, this whole journey started with him, he pushed me to buy a kiln from eBay, then I tentatively started to make again. I have also found the joy in teaching others to be creative as well. Then the concept of The Old George rose up from the ashes of my ill health and I haven’t looked back.

Its a bit of a struggle sometimes. We both have a lot on, still working full time and commuting in and out of London. We live in chaos of looking after our animals, restoring our lovely old home. I don’t make the best housewife, so the washing and dusting is never done. I’m always in my studio covered in clay when I have free time.

So I would like to dedicate this weeks bloggett to my lovely husband that is always there for me, and seems to love me, my creative chaos and even my faults. He doesn’t realize it yet, but he is fast approaching pottery widowhood. Thank god for him my studio doesn’t have a toilet, otherwise he would never see me.