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Welcome to The Old George Studio in Puckeridge, Hertfordshire.

Its been an interesting journey so far, and it started 4 years ago on a cold damp New Year’s day, feeling slightly worst for wear after celebrating New Year with our friends Louise and Jason.

They had recently moved house and had embarked on the restoration of their beautiful old house. I remember seeing my husband Simon being in awe of the history of their new home. As a former student of Art and Design History, he was captivated by the houses along the High Street in Puckeridge, Hertfordshire. He waxed lyrical about the beauty of the village.

Then Lou said rather matter of factly, well if you like it so much, the house across the road is up for sale!

I forever the doubting Thomas and anchor in our relationship, said we could never do such a thing; it was daft romanticism, leaving behind our very comfortable life in suburban London.

All he said was “We can do this Trev – you just have to take a risk and have faith – trust me.”

And thus our odyssey began!!!